Serious Buyers Only

Here are the three rabbits I have for sale now. Serious buyers only please. These will be my final rabbits for sale. :

No, I will not lower the price for anyone… These sweet rabbits took a lot of effort, love, and money to upkeep. I am happy to answer questions, but please do not waste my time. I will also be selling their used 30×36″ cages and pans.

Remaining two rabbits, Hasselhop and Philadelphia, will only be sold as a pair. They are from separate lines and are perfect for breeding. $100 for the pair of rabbits. :)

Email me:


Frühlingskabine’s Hasselhop (pictured above)

  • Color: Chocolate Agouti, brown eyes
  • Buck/Male
  • Born: 01/02/2014 of Carter’s Cuties Toblerone x Fruhlingskabine’s Khaleesi
  • Notes: proven buck fabulous coat and wool quality, very dense coat, currently sheared for summer, very friendly, tip of ear missing: his ear was nibbled on by a littermate as a week-old kit, healed just fine, but the tip of one ear is missing about 1/4″ inch.


ER’s Philadelphia (pictured above)

  • Color: Ruby Eyed White
  • Doe/Female
  • Born: 06/06/2012
  • Notes: great mother, proven doe, produces self blacks and self blues and agouti colors, not very dense wool, silky coat, has produced show champions, no known disqualifications.

Neglectful Blogger

Lately I feel like I have been neglecting my blog. Well, I guess I have. As I go about my day-to-day life, it all seems like reporting on such little things would be boring to others. It’s this calm that I love. Sure, there is not much to say when life is going well. I don’t have anything to complain about, nothing to rant on, nothing bothering me at the moment. Just blissful farmyness.

California is heating up in anticipation of summer and with our severe drought, we have postponed most of our fun, big projects for “rainy days”. Things like our aquaponics plans and our fodder growing set up are gathering a bit of dust, but Mother Nature rules the land and if she says ‘no water’ then our focus needs to –and has– gone elsewhere. I’m okay with that.

So what are we doing? Hmm.. We have been playing with the goats; getting them all back into good condition after our winter. Goat kids are the BEST distractors. Need to kill an hour? Just go play with some baby goats. We sheared the sheep and I am steeling my mind for cleaning and spinning two garbage bags worth of wool (real technical measurement, maybe I’ll weigh it).

I am also getting photos together so that I can sell all my French Angoras and shut down the rabbitry. Surely there will be quite a few questions about this, but let me put it simply: I love having a niche in the market as far as raising an uncommon breed. But, I started raising and breeding the rabbits because, at the time, I did not have the space for a larger wool animal like sheep. I wanted wool animals. Now that I have these awesome Shetland sheep, raising angora rabbits is not necessary for this farm. It was a hugely rewarding and fun hobby and side-business, but I feel like the sun is setting on that venture and my focus can now move to another part of the farm. So if you want a rabbit, I have three for sale now and a fourth once I get him to a more ideal weight.

In the near future, my posts will be kind of scattered. I don’t like to post (or read) filler on blogs. I like to keep things relevant, important, and fun. So while it has been two weeks since my last post, I have a bunch scheduled to go up over the next few days. I think I like having sporadic updates. Because, let’s face it, life doesn’t have 3-4 unique post subjects complete with “tags” and interesting photos every week. ;)

Happy Monday Folks!

Gotta Have More Hügle

Shortening German words doesn’t really work, but we call hügelkultur just plain “hügle” around here. Trevor hates saying long, crazy words… of which, includes most of the German language.

With the help of my awesomely, fantastic Grammy, we were able to purchase some dirt for a bonafide garden. As in: real “veggie garden mix” garden soil. We had thought ahead a little and started seedlings so that once we had the soil delivered, we could get planting. 

Some of our soil went to fill pots so that we can keep our cilantro, artichokes, and tomatoes separate. They really spruce up our porch. It makes us look like really “with it” people. With one hügle finished and a dozen large pots filled, we should still have plenty to make two more large hüglekultur. I want to link them all up to not only catch water rolling down the hill, but also to make a cool squiggly snake design.

These new hüglekultur are being planted out back. While this makes them slightly more attractive to deer and jackrabbits daring enough to get close to the house, we don’t have to worry about gophers at all because of the shallow, solid bedrock out back. Sometimes gophers pose a larger threat. Plus, we need to use our triangle 1/3 acre in the front to fence in a larger space for the goats and sheep. Poor Bolverk and our keeper buckling will still live by the house, but the ladies are going to get an upgrade.



Happy Baby Goat Day!

Okay. I totally made that up. But I think it makes for a great precursor to Mother’s Day, don’t you think? Maybe we could call it “Get-smashed-on-mimosas-over-brunch Eve” but that just doesn’t have the same ring to it. And you wouldn’t get to look at pictures of cute baby goats.

I actually took these photos a couple days ago (blame my dial-up internet) and all three kids have since been dehorned/disbudded. I had a real nice lady come out and show me how to do it. Basically, you take this hot iron (glorified car cigarette lighter) and burn the skin around where the horn bud is beginning to emerge. The cap of the horn pops off, and then you cauterize the center of the horn bud. The tip of the day: anywhere there is hair, a horn can grow through. This was just one of those things you have to watch first-hand. Books and youtube won’t cut it. But it’s done and I won’t have dangerously horned dairy goats.

Now they have purple heads from being sprayed with disinfectant, but here are some cute play photos from earlier in the week… Pre-purple.